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Rogues Draft Picks


 The Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft is held every year in July. The Clubs take turns selecting players in reverse order of their won-lost records at the close of the previous regular season.  A player is eligible for selection if the player is a resident of the United States or Canada and the player has never before signed a Major League or Minor League contract. Residents of Puerto Rico and other territories of the United States are eligible for the Draft. Also considered residents are players who enroll in a high school or college in the United States, regardless of where they are from originally.

Certain groups of players are ineligible for selection, generally because they are still in school. The basic categories of players eligible to be drafted are:

  • High school players, if they have graduated from high school and have not yet attended college or junior college;
  • College players, from four-year colleges who have either completed their junior or senior years or are at least 21 years old; and
  • Junior college players, regardless of how many years of school they have completed

A Club generally retains the rights to sign a selected player until 11:59 PM (EDT) August 1, or until the player enters, or returns to, a four-year college on a full-time basis.   A player who is eligible to be selected and is passed over by every Club becomes a free agent and may sign with any Club until the player enters, or returns to, a four-year college full-time or enters, or returns to, a junior college.

The following is a list of Rogues players who have been drafted.


  • RAMON LAUREANO (Outfielder, 2014) - 2014 Houston Astros (16th Round)
  • SETH BROWN (Outfielder / Infielder, 2013) - 2015 Oakland Athletics (19th Round)
  • HECTOR LUJAN (Pitcher, 2013) - 2015 Minnesota Twins (35th Round)
  • CHAD HOCKIN (Pitcher, 2013) - 2016 Chicago Cubs (6th Round)
  • CHRIS DeVITO (Infielder, 2014 & 2015) - 2016 Kansas City Royals (8th Round)
  • DAN MAYER (Infielder, 2015) - 2016 Minnesota Twins (37th Round)
  • AUSTIN O'BANION (Outfielder, 2015) - 2016 Texas Rangers (37th Round)
  • SPENCER STEER (Infielder, 2016) - 2016 Cleveland Indians (29th Round)
  • DAVID PETERSON (Pitcher, 2014) - 2017 New York Mets (1st Round)
  • JOEY MORGAN (Catcher, 2014) - 2017 Detroit Tigers (3rd Round)
  • AUSTIN CROWSON (Pitcher, 2016) -  2017 New York Yankees (26th Round)
  • JOE RECORD (Pitcher, 2014) - 2017 Minnesota Twins (28th Round)
  • DANNY MAYER (Outfielder, 2015) - 2017 Philadelphia Phillies (31st Round)
  • COLE PERCIVAL (Pitcher, 2017) - 2017 Arizona Diamondbacks (31st Round)
  • PARKER KELLY (Infielder, 2016) - 2018 St. Louis Cardinals (20th Round)
  • JACKSON BERTSCH (Pitcher, 2015) - 2018 New York Yankees (29th Round)
  • AJ MILLER (Catcher, 2019) - 2018 Oakland Athletics (37th Round)
  • SPENCER STEER (Infielder, 2016) – 2019 Minnesota Twins (3rd Round)
  • ERIC YANG (Catcher, 2017) – 2019 Cincinnati Reds (7th Round)
  • ALEX ISOLA (Catcher, 2017) – 2019 Minnesota Twins (29th Round)
  • DYLAN PEARCE (Pitcher, 2016-17) – 2019 St. Louis Cardinals (31st Round)
  • AUSTIN CROWSON (Pitcher, 2016) –  2019 Philadelphia Phillies (39th Round)
  • ROBBY ALHSTROM (Pitcher, 2018) –  2021 New York Yankees (7th Round)